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Advantages and types of insulated bearings

Advantages and types of insulated bearings

2020/04/18 12:22
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Advantagesofinsulatingbearingcoating: Goodinsulationperformance.Specialsealingmethodisadopted.J20aacoatingcaneffectivelyinsulateeveninhumidenvironment.Insulatedbearingcanbeinterchangedwithstandardbearing.Forspecialoccasions,suchasouterringrotation,itisrecommendedtousebearingwithj20ccoatingoninnerring. Thedrivingendadoptsthecylindricalrollerbearingnu215-e-tvp2-f1-j20aa-c4asthenonpositioningbearing; Thenondriveendadoptsthedeepgrooveballbearing6215-m-j20aa-c3asthepositioningbearing. Typeanddesignofinsulatedbearingfortractionmotor Deepgrooveballbearing 60,62,6340–240mm< Cylindricalrollerbearing NU10130–240mm NU,NJ,NUP2.-E,22,-E60–200mm NU,NJ,NUP3.-E40–190mm Fagtractionmotorbearingsuffixdescription TheradialinternalclearanceofC3,C4andC5islargerthanthatofthecommongroup Mbrasssolidholder,rollerguideJ20aainsulatedbearing,outerringcoveredwithoxideceramiccoating(coatingthickness≈200μm) J20binsulatedbearing,outerringcoveredwithoxideceramiccoating(coatingthickness&lt;100μm) J20cinsulatedbearing,innerringcoveredwithoxideceramiccoating(coatingthickness≈200μm) F1tractionmotorcylindricalrollerbearingconformingtodin43283standard M1brasssolidrivetedcage,rollerguide TVP,tvp2windowtypenyloncage,ifrequired,otherdesignsavailable
Advantages of insulating bearing coating:
Good insulation performance. Special sealing method is adopted. J20aa coating can effectively insulate even in humid environment. Insulated bearing can be interchanged with standard bearing. For special occasions, such as outer ring rotation, it is recommended to use bearing with j20c coating on inner ring.
The driving end adopts the cylindrical roller bearing nu215-e-tvp2-f1-j20aa-c4 as the non positioning bearing;
The non drive end adopts the deep groove ball bearing 6215-m-j20aa-c3 as the positioning bearing.
Type and design of insulated bearing for traction motor
Deep groove ball bearing
60, 62, 63 40 – 240mm<
Cylindrical roller bearing
NU 10 130 – 240mm
NU, NJ, NUP 2.-E, 22, -E 60 – 200mm
NU, NJ, NUP 3.-E 40 – 190mm
Fag traction motor bearing suffix description
The radial internal clearance of C3, C4 and C5 is larger than that of the common group
M brass solid holder, roller guide
J20aa insulated bearing, outer ring covered with oxide ceramic coating (coating thickness ≈ 200 μ m)
J20b insulated bearing, outer ring covered with oxide ceramic coating (coating thickness & lt; 100 μ m)
J20c insulated bearing, inner ring covered with oxide ceramic coating (coating thickness ≈ 200 μ m)
F1 traction motor cylindrical roller bearing conforming to din43283 standard
M1 brass solid riveted cage, roller guide
TVP, tvp2 window type nylon cage, if required, other designs available
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